Leaf springs and strip components

Manufacturing are made by laser cutting or automated bending, and we supply both large and small batches. We are happy to provide assistance with the product development work so as to ensure that the production process is as functional and cost-efficient as possible. Examples of such components are various forms of locking clips, weighing springs, plate springs, and contact springs. We can also carry out assembly of units that include such components.


We work in most types of spring material, of which the most common are:

  • SS 1770/1778 Spring steel
  • EN 10270-3-1.4310 (SS 2331) Stainless steel

We also handle any surface treatment required. Our modern machines allow us to manufacture leaf springs and components in strip thicknesses from 0.10–3 mm. We supply batch sizes from a single spring to limitless quantity.


Our leaf springs are used in products such as:

Advertisement signs, seals, screw connections and contacts.


When ordering leaf springs and strip components:

We manufacture leaf springs and strip components exclusively to order and on the basis of drawings or samples.