Quality and customerservice as the guiding light

We know that high quality is absolutely essential to keep a prominent position on the market. To us, the concept of “quality” extends far beyond the quality of the products themselves. Therefore, we are also committed to ensuring that our customer service is distinguished by the highest quality in all areas. We make a point of being available at all times to provide a rapid response and to act quickly on the orders you place with us. Our operations have also been quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001.


Spiralspecialisten’s Environmental Policy

In manufacturing wire and leaf springs and associated products, we at AB Spiralspecialisten always take natural resources into account. In order to minimise environmental impact, all areas of the business are to show consideration for the environment.

  • Through the implementation of preventative measures and constant improvements, we are to strive to reduce environmental impact stemming from the company’s operations. Wherever possible, we are to manufacture springs with full consideration for the efficient use of energy and raw materials – and the minimisation of waste.
  • The fulfilment of all applicable laws, directives and other requirements that apply to the company is to be the minimum level for our environmental work.
  • We are to use information and training to increase knowledge and raise environmental consciousness among all employees.
  • By taking into consideration the views and opinions of customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders, we are to make these players a source of renewal and improvement.

We have been awarded environmental certification according to the ISO 14001 standard.