Facts about Spiralspecialisten

Erbjuder ett brett sortiment av skräddarsydda och prisvärda fjädrar för bästa funktion.

Bolaget startade 1949
Antal anställda 40 personer
Omsättning 46 611 TKR (2011)
Resultat 4 134 TKR (2011)

Några av våra kunder:
Atlas Copco, Ericsson ..


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We learnt from the bottom up

Springs comes in all shapes and sizes and are used in a huge range of products. Springs often perform important – sometimes essential – functions in our society. This is what we have built our business on. We have been manufacturing springs since 1949 on the basis of in-depth knowledge and complete commitment to quality.

Spiralspecialisten was established as a public limited company in 1953 by Messrs. Phil, Pettersson and Sundberg. At the time the company just employed five people, but their skills and knowledge in the field of spring manufacture laid solid foundations for the hi-tech spring production we operate today. Of course, our pool of skills and experience has expanded in step with the company’s growth and development. Today, we employ 45 people.


Modern technology means greater flexibility

We have a range of modern machines that allow us to operate fully rationalised production. Modern technology also means impressive flexibility. This, in turn, translates into capacity to produce prototypes and small batches very quickly.


A wide selection

Wire and leaf springs account for the majority of our production, but we also manufacture wire and strip components that do not involve any spring function. In addition, we have the capacity to supply assembled units involving wire and strip components. We work in all common materials and handle all types of surface treatment.


We always provide good value solutions

A tailor-made spring is always the best solution from functional, and very often also financial perspective. The fact is that we can often provide an economical alternative to standard springs form other suppliers – even for small batches.


From idea to finished function

It is also worth remembering that you can make use of our spring expertise and experience at an early stage. Our aim is to build up long-term relationships. We are more than happy to help you with calculations and design proposals, and it is not unusual for collaboration with customers to develop into closely targeted development projects.